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The Best Prices on Victoria/Melbourne Roller Shutters

Melbourne Secure Roller Shutters has long been a go-to for Melbourne property owners looking for stylish and durable shutters. Furthermore, we have earned a reputation for the production and installation of roller shutters that protect the home from intruders and the elements.

The greatest option for both homes and commercial properties, we provide state of the art roller shutters for amazing prices. This dedication to quality matched with some of the most competitive prices in Melbourne has made Melbourne Secure Roller Shutters one of the most sought after teams in Melbourne.

Find out more about our pricing options and the designs we have on offer. Contact our friendly team on 1800 554 877 or submit an enquiry form through our contact form. Alternatively, pop into our St Albans/Kealba showroom 2 Malcolm Court.

Why Choose Our Team for Your Roller Shutters?

At Melbourne Secure Roller Shutters, quality is key. We use only the finest materials and state of the art equipment to produce some of the most durable and effective roller shutters available in Melbourne. Our team of highly trained, skilled and dedicated craftsman understand why you would want quality roller shutters for your home or commercial property, and therefore work incredibly hard to ensure your requirements are met (if not exceeded).

What’s more, our team is consistently updated and up-skilled in the use of our technology. We do this to ensure that we are always one step ahead and at the forefront of any advancements in the industry before we build your product.

Benefits of Our Roller Shutters

Choosing Melbourne Secure Roller Shutters for your home or commercial property comes with an awesome range of benefits. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Price: We provide our state of the art roller shutters for amazing prices. Despite their quality, we don’t believe that your home or commercial property’s shutter solution should have to break the bank, and therefore we are happy to sell them to you for a great deal.
  • Style: Our technicians are experts in the field of creating contemporary, stylish roller shutters. When you choose our team to fabricate your property’s solution, you will be more than thrilled at the way it enhances the property’s style and aesthetic. Furthermore, having a solution of sophisticated shutters installed at the home or commercial property increases the property’s value, making them a great investment.
  • Energy Saving: Our product keeps the sun out in summer and the chill out in winter. If you have a large home that costs a fortune to keep the energy running, there is no better way to reduce your bills than by having a system of shutters installed at your home. You will find yourself turning off the heating/air conditioning even during the most extreme of temperatures.
  • Fire Protection: With Melbourne expanding and properties moving further out into bush and forest, it is more important than ever to ensure your property is fireproof. Melbourne Secure Roller Shutters produces a solution that is (BAL) 40 fire rating from the CWP.
  • Protection from Intruders: You never know when your home or commercial property may be targeted by thieves. But if you have a solid, durable and reliable solution of roller shutters installed at your home for an amazing price, you can head out for the day with the peace of mind that thieves will have a dramatically lower chance of getting into your home.


With us, when you buy more, you pay less. Don’t get ripped off with lower quality products. Come to the professionals and have peace of mind today.

Contact Our Team for a Quote

Interested in receiving a quote on our collection of amazing roller shutters? We’re guaranteed to give a great price, so please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team if you would like to find out more.

We are dedicated to providing our valued customers with an exceptional standard of service and communication, and will be more than happy to set up a quote or assist you with any enquiries you have regarding our product.

Send us a message, pop into our St Albans/Kealba showroom at 2 Malcolm Court or give us a call on 1800 554 887 and we will be happy to chat with you about your shutter requirements or book you in for a free quote at a time that is most suitable for you.

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