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When purchasing Window Roller Shutters, you will get them from the experts in the trade secure roller shutters. Our shutters are great protection when used to cover doorways, bay windows, windows, cupboards, verandas, garden windows, patios, partitions, room dividers, closets, bars and cabanas. By fitting our environmentally friendly Australian Made Insulated Aluminium Window Roller Shutters, you will be saving money and energy by lowering your carbon footprint.

We are not the sort of company to fit your shutters and forget about you; we provide great after sales support, including maintenance and repairs to ensure that your shutters will be secure for the long term.

Remote Control Shutters

Remote control shutters give you an  ease of operating at your finger tips.

No more winding or going to each window ,when you can have up to 16 shutters operating at the same time sitting on your couch. You can adjust the position when you want the shutters to be without moving from the one position.

UPS Battery Backup Systems

UPS battery systems are highly recommended especially, where security shutters are covering doors.
The UPS battery pack converts 24 volt DC electricity to 240 volt AC, and when linked to our remote control system, it will open the shutter in case of fire. If there is a power failure, thus will give peace of mind security.

Insulation qualities:

As with a cool room, we roll the Australian Made slats/profiles to create a hollow casing in which high density PU foam is injected, creating a wall of insulation that is 8.7mm thick.

By creating an air gap between the shutter and the window, you gain additional insulation properties. Heat transfer through covered windows can be reduced by 80% thanks to these features.

Noise Reduction

Unlike some companies that claim 75% reduction of noise reduction when Roller Shutters are fitted the TRUTH is about 50% depending on the type of noise!

Fine Print

Be aware of the “fine print" on Warranties Make sure the labour content is the same amount of time as the parts.

On-Time Delivery

When delivery promises are not met, we understand how disruptive it is for your schedule. We take a great deal of pride in delivering on realistic, achievable installation timeframes.

No Hidden Costs

Secure never surprises its customers with shady fees or hidden costs; the price it quotes on the day is the price you pay.

Clean Fast Installation

We take as much pride in your premises as you do. Our tradesmen will show your property respect and care by leaving it as clean as or even cleaner than they found it.

Why choose Melbourne Secure Roller Shutters?

We take as much pride in your premises as you do. Our tradesmen will show your property respect and care by leaving it as clean as or even cleaner than they found it.

    • Easy internal operation either manual or motorised.
    • Reduce your energy bills by up to hundreds of dollars per year (up to 26% )and cut your carbon footprint.
    • Year round protection against damage from harmful UV rays that destroy your curtains, carpets and furniture.
    • Ask about our NEW flanged tracks that blockout most sunlight.
    • Secure Shutters finish is Baked on Enamel – for toughness and durability.
    • The shutters will deter thieves and prying perverts, providing a more safe and secure family lifestyle.Insurance companies suggest that 55% of breakins occour through unprotected windows.
    • Block out up to 50% of unwanted noise from loud cars and noisy neighbours.
    • A more restfull sleep – great for shift workers and families with young children.
    • Roller Shutters allow you the homeowner to control the light in any application.
    • Our Secure Roller Shutter can be fitted with a SOLAR PANEL OPERATED MOTORS.
    • ALL Weather STORM protection: Esp From hailstones, severe storms, and flying debris.
    • Cut Heat and Cold using the latest thermal insulation technology cuts direct sunlight by up to 80% and save on AC costs Also retains the heat in winter.
    • NB: We use only Licensed Electricians to install our electric motors.

Total Blockout. Great for shift workers and Movie rooms.

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Our company is known for its 100% Australian-made house and commercial roller shutters that will last for decades to come. The perfect way to protect your property while also modernising its look, our range of options can be tailored to all needs.

It is crucial to invest in products that will last a long time when running a business. You want to get value for your money, no matter what you’re buying, and that’s something we understand here at Secure Window Roller Shutters.

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