Five Reasons Why You Need Roller Shutters

These days, the typical garage features a roller door, but there are far more applications for this technology that for just storing your beloved car.

Roller shutters (sometimes called roller doors, overhead doors, coiling doors or sectional overhead doors) can also be applied to your windows. Offering a number of features and benefits for your property, they’re a long-lasting security option that’s designed for affordability on the market.

Generally, are made of sturdy materials and can even be motorised for easy opening and closing. Combined, all of these benefits make them the perfect choice for properties of all kinds; not to mention for granting you peace of mind.

The benefits of roller shutters

1. Additional security

Burglary (or the threat of it) is the number one reason we receive enquiries for products like these.

According to the latest Federal Government Crime Statistics Australia figures, theft is the highest recorded crime with over 510,000 instances occurring annually. Meanwhile, unlawful entry with intent is reported over 176,000 times a year.

Roller shutters are a proven deterrent against burglaries and even if a would-be thief were to try and break-in, they would be unlikely to breach your home through these shutters.

2. Insulation

When the summer months hit, closing your windows and blinds may not be much help. Windows will only absorb the heat and transfer it through your blinds, making your house hot.

By sealing your home with roller shutters, your heating and cooling devices are able to work much more efficiently. This then results in a more comfortable environment, and the opportunity to cut down costs on your electrical bills at the same time.

3. Total darkness

The traditional nine-to-five day job is rapidly becoming a thing of the past, with more and more people working shift work or irregular hours.

When you need to sleep during the daytime, these products allow you to access complete darkness in your home. They also shield you from street noise and other annoyances that may keep you awake.

4. Protection against the elements

Australia can be prone to large storms capable of doing major damage. Roller shutters can be used to protect your property by preventing your windows from being smashed and wild winds, rain and debris from entering your home.

Radiant heat from bush fires can also cause windows to shatter, with roller shutters protecting your home from this heat.

5. Smart motorisation options are available

Obviously, the thought of manually rolling these shutters up and down for each window isn’t too appealing. Luckily, there are motorisation options available that mean you can raise and lower the shutters by remote control.

Best of all, there are many motorisation options on the market these days that feature solar-powered capabilities. This means they will continue to operate when the power is out, in case you need to use the window as an exit point.

Additionally, remote control mechanisms and motors can also be safely and easily removed, so you can take them with you if you need to relocate.

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