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Although many homeowners enlist the help of experts for these solutions, there is a growing trend towards customers installing the shutters themselves and having them wired by an electrician of their choice. There are compelling arguments for both DIY and professional installation, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to whether you consider yourself up to the task or not.

Here, we discuss the remarkable benefits and minor drawbacks of choosing to set up shutters by yourself.

Why select DIY roller shutters?

There are a host of outstanding reasons why you might want to install designs by yourself. This includes

  • Price: DIY styles are roughly 25-35% cheaper than their company counterparts (after accounting for an electrician to wire your shutters). They also provide you with the flexibility of choosing your own electrician as opposed to having to go with the one chosen by the company.
  • Time: A company-fixed system has to be installed on the time and date agreed between homeowner and company. You might work odd hours, or you don’t have an exact idea of when you will be free for the team? There are many reasons as to why you might want to ditch the business and set them up on your own schedule. If your plan is delayed by a week (or even two weeks), all good. However, if the company comes past and you’ve had to run out for something – you may be in strife.

Who are these products best for?

Going it alone isn’t for everyone. Although the process is fairly simple and instructions are clear, some designs can be rather heavy and awkward to install. A single person working on solo fixing might struggle to set up a particular style as certain designs can be more difficult to fix than others.

Furthermore, once your blinds are fixed, they have to be wired into your home’s electricity system. So you may just want to skip DIY installation and have both professional tradespeople come to your home and get the job done whilst you put your feet up.

Finally, DIY factory shutters are not recommended for people with second storey windows, tricky installations or other “problem” areas. Professional installers have the skills and know-how to fix the stylings in even the most tricky of situations, and this may be enough to persuade you against attempting it yourself.

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