How to Soundproof Your Property with Roller Shutters & Blinds

Soundproofing with Roller Shutters

Barking dogs keeping you up at night? Noisy neighbours disrupting your home office? Desperately searching for a way to soundproof your property for a more comfortable, peaceful living experience?

If so, you may want to consider installing roller shutters & blinds. These window coverings are the perfect way to soundproof your windows and keep out noise from the wider world. Not only do they help with reducing or even completely cancelling noise, but they also provide added security, privacy, and savings on heating and cooling costs thanks to improved thermal regulation.

If you’re interested in learning more about how roller shutters & blinds can soundproof your property, keep reading. In this article, our experienced team at Melbourne Secure Roller Shutters look at how these window coverings work to offer noise reduction and cancelling, as well as the factors you need to consider to get the best results.

How Do Roller Shutters Reduce Noise?

As the name suggests, roller shutters work by simply rolling down over your windows or doors, sealing off airflow carrying sound waves, and offering noise reduction while still allowing natural light into your home. While they may seem like a humble solution, the way that these blinds are constructed is actually quite complex, involving lots of different parts working together in unison.


The first part of any roller shutter system is the slats themselves. These interlocking slats are usually made of lightweight but durable materials, such as aluminium or even steel. The slats will be mounted onto a roller mechanism, which allows you to open and close the covering with greater ease. A track system is then installed on either side of the window or door opening, with the slats rolling along this track when in use to cover more of an opening and reduce noise. For this reason, those within the room can actually moderate the amount of noise reduction they would like by controlling how much of their roller shutters cover their windows.


The density of the material that the slats are made from will also contribute to cancelling outside sound from entering the property. Essentially, the thicker and heavier the material of your blinds, the better it will soundproof your windows. As such, slats that are made from heavy-duty aluminium will provide more protection against outside noise than those constructed from thinner materials, like fibreglass or plastic. This will obviously be a consideration to balance your desire to reduce sound alongside the aesthetics and price on roller shutters.

Noise Cancelling Blinds

Installation of Noise Cancelling Blinds

It is important to recognise that soundproof blinds will be effective in reducing the amount of noise coming through into your home or business from where they are installed, but not from other areas in your property (i.e. other areas where sound waves can travel through the air). To achieve optimal noise cancelling, it is important to undertake installation with a high-quality silicone sealant. This will be applied in between the wall, guides and headbox for further air reduction. It helps if the rest of the house is also appropriately sealed to reduce any additional gaps where sound can creep through.

Other Benefits of Roller Shutters Beyond Reducing Noise

In addition to providing up to 80% noise reduction, roller shutters also deliver absolute privacy within the rooms they are installed. Given their high durability and tactile strength, this will also translate to improved security against burglars and intruders to your property. What’s more, as the reduction in airflow contributes to the cancelling of noise, it also helps to keep heat inside during the winter, and outside during the summer, providing greater energy efficiency and lowering utility costs.

Learn More on How Roller Shutters Can Offer Better Noise Reduction for Your Home or Business

So, with these factors in mind, if you are looking for additional noise reduction and protection for your home, installing roller shutters is a great option. Whether you opt for large slats made from thick and heavy materials or choose a sleek, angled design, there is a wide range of options available to help you soundproof your property. If you would like to learn more about the right blinds for your sound reducing needs, tastes and budget, please review the selection we have available, including automatic window shutters, at Melbourne Secure Roller Shutters, or contact us directly today, and one of our friendly team members will be happy to assist.


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