How do you Maintain Roller Shutters?

Roller shutters are an excellent way to secure your residential or business property, ensure privacy, and protect your building from the weather. But like anything, they need to be correctly serviced, cleaned and maintained regularly, or they are not going to function correctly.

Over time, they can degrade, which makes them look unsightly and opens the door for rust and corrosion that can make them weaker and open to being broken by intruders or damaged by weather events.

Additionally, it’s essential to consider the motor that powers these designs. Like any motor, this needs to be adequately serviced and maintained or fail mechanically leading. Avoiding maintenance and servicing means you could be up for costly repairs or replacements.

By giving your roller shutters plenty of attention regularly, you can prevent this damage from occurring in the first instance. in the end, you’ll be able to and enjoy your investment, without avoidable expenses to fix them.

How to clean roller shutters

If you let dirt and dust build-up on your window coverings and throughout their rails, they can become jammed or unable to function correctly. Beyond this, excess moisture opens the door for rust.

Regular cleaning is essential. You can do this with simple soapy water and a hose solution. Dry the shutters off with a soft towel afterwards and leave them closed while they dry. Once you’ve done this (without taking any shortcuts) they should remain crystal-clear for a good amount of time.

If your windows are too high off the ground to reach, you can enlist a professional cleaning company’s services to do the job safely for you. Never try to clean those that are high off the ground, if you don’t have the required safety equipment and training to support you.

Aside from normal cleaning, there are other maintenance requirements you should carry out regularly as well. The rollers, guide rails and bearings need to be lubricated with oil regularly or they are going to start sticking and can become jammed or damaged.

At least a month you should have a balance check completed by an expert, as they can become unaligned over time. When they are out of balance, they can also become jammed and damage the motor leading to expensive repairs.

How often should I service the motor?

This should be carried out by a professional. You should have the motor serviced at least every six months. If you live in a coastal or rural area, you may want to have it looked at more regularly. This form of maintenance should also include testing of the battery backup, which will need to be replaced when the battery is running low.

You can also help improve your designs’ life by ensuring the trees, hedges, shrubs and surrounding plants are regularly pruned. Twigs, branches and other plant or tree waste can become jammed in parts of your roller shutters that can cause damage to the motor. If you need any assistance with servicing and maintenance, contact us at Secure Roller Shutters Melbourne.

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