We Explore the Best Outdoor Blinds

There are many kinds of products on the market to cover your windows; it all comes down to personal preference and your requirements. Here are the major types of outdoor blinds available on the market so that you can jazz up your space and functionality effortlessly.

Outdoor window blinds types


This is a synthetic option that is widely popular because it still allows some volume of light and breeze through the window while preventing bugs and extreme light from getting in. They are highly versatile as well and can be customised to fit any window and come in a range of colours, patterns and designs.

PVC shutters


While traditional designs are usually made from PVC, timber, vinyl or metal, shade-focused ones are made out of fabric. They are spring operated and are highly effective at blocking out harsh sunlight.

Gear-tensioned outdoor designs

These are popular for outdoor spaces like awnings or patios. The bottom of the blind has a weighted rail that provides tension, so it stays nice and flat when you roll it down. They fit neatly into a range of spaces like above the rails on verandahs and can be as dense or as opaque as you like, depending on how much light you want to block out.

Plantation shutters

While these designs are not blinds, strictly speaking, they are a popular and good-looking window covering. They are made of wooden slats that can be opened and closed so you can completely block out light and breeze or open them up as your mood desires. They are a permanent fixture to your windows and give your home a classic look.

Plantation shutters

Zip screens

This is a modern technology that uses finely woven mesh that will protect against all of the elements and creepy crawlies while still giving you access to a view and natural breezes.


Like plantation shutters, they are usually made from wood and include slats that can be open and closed to block light and insects, etc. as required. The difference is that these slats are usually thinner and installed on the inside of a property whereas plantation shutters are a permanent addition to the outside of your home.


Many of the best features of all outdoor awnings are included in these ultra-functional designs suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Because retractable outdoor blinds allow for wind to ventilate through them, they will not wave around in the breeze and stay stable while allowing you to stay cool. One of the best functions is the motorised operation which means you can raise and lower them with simple remote control.

Retractable shutters

Outside, they are a great way to control the level of sunlight and block out bugs and other pests while used inside they can help you reduce your air-conditioning expenses by allowing breezes while blocking out the sun and UV rays.

They present the best overall option and are highly affordable and available in a wide range of colours to suit your environment.

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